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"The combination of the herbs I received made for a very calming presence in my home. I love coming home after work and making sure they have water and also giving them a little smell by rubbing the leaves. They are now part of my morning and evening routine, which has really brought me more comfort and calmness in my life."
The Three Co: Plants Improve Lives
Flutter Freely - July 26, 2018
Currently, we are partnering with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. 25% of all proceeds are donated to the work of the ADAA and their fight against two devastating diseases - anxiety and depression. For more information, please visit their site.
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"My first intro to The Three Co. was as an Influencer, and I'm proud to represent a company with such an amazing and transparent mission and products. The Zen Blend is my personal favorite - it lights up a room while also providing calming notes of lavender and chamomile that really permeate."
Davis and Main Style, @davisandmainstyle
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