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¬†ūüĆŅ Grow Your Own ūüĆŅ


 Easy Care Watering 

Full Growing Kit

Self-watering planter designed to prevent over or under watering.

You're not just getting the box. We're giving you a full growing kit! This includes: organic soil mixture with fertilizer spike, bags for germination, seeds, plus the full liveBox package.

Attractive & Functional Planter

No Mess

 Measuring in at 14.25x5x4.5, our liveBox is the perfect chic, compact, and affordable self-watering planter designed with you in mind.

Just add sunlight and water. No pumps, no cords. Our liveBox is simple. It contains a premium display box, water reservoir, pot suspender, and watering wicks.



Designed to bring the beauty and benefits of plants inside while making plant care simple and easy, our liveBox is a self-watering package that is both attractive and functional. 
Grow your own indoor plants with our complete package - no green thumb required!