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Over the past year, we have have been developing several live plant products that focus on improving quality of life holistically. We're doing this by providing products that help deal with common struggles (sleep, anxiety, and breathing issues) while working together with several non-profits and charities. 

We don’t just believe in the power of herbs. We believe in helping people bring them into their homes and their lives so that they can understand firsthand the incredible benefits.

Each of our LiveBlends are designed to focus on a specific “health trip,” carefully curated with a blend of three herbs that will help you and your family:

  • Sleep better
  • Improve your home’s air quality for better breathing
  • Reduce stress for improved relaxation

Sounds pretty rad, right? We thought so as well. But, we realized we were missing one thing... YOU! We are ready to take on the health & wellness industry full force, but we need a team in order to do just that. What better way that to fill our team with health conscious, plant loving, positive individuals?! 

Join our team today, and become a Three Co. Ambassador. 

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Because we appreciate your work so much, we'll also send you free products throughout the year! 

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