Our Purpose

Contained in Three Simple Words


We are a passionate, family-run business with a mission: provide people with natural, homeopathic, plant-based alternatives in their homes. Three Co. was born out of our desire to find ways to target some of the most common ailments not only experienced by our family members, but also experienced throughout the U.S. - asthma, anxiety, and sleep disorders. We want people to be healthier, and to then in turn help those around them be healthier as well. 


Plants make our lives better, and part of that is by increasing our happiness when we are around them. We've created unique live herb blends and live plant packages that not only enhance your well-being, but they also add a beautiful touch to your environment. This beautiful touch, along with the health that our herbs bring, allow us to accomplish our goal of making this world a happier place. 


We are firmly committed to giving back to our communities, and donating a portion of our sales back to the organizations that make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and poor air quality that effects breathing. This is all made possible by our customers, so thank you if you have ever purchased any of our products.


We partner with a variety of nonprofit organizations to help better people's lives. Why? Because like people, plants have the opportunity and the obligation to improve people's lives!