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Live Spring Caladiums – Assorted Colors (3 Plants Per Case), 10″ Tall by 4″ Wide, 1 Quart Pot

Live Spring Caladiums – Assorted Colors (3 Plants Per Case), 10″ Tall by 4″ Wide, 1 Quart Pot

Tulips bring spring feelings!


  • 2022-12-26 - 2023-01-01

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Tulips bring spring feelings!

Caladiums are heat-loving tropical perennials that have almost unparalleled foliage and make showy houseplants. They can easily offer the visual impact of having planted flowers while

Caladium is most popular as a striking foliage plant during the spring/summer months. Although they will bloom a flower by what is known as a spathe.

Once fully grown the caladium can get up to 30" tall and 24" wide.

Caladiums are seasonal tuberous perennials, they prefer hot and humid conditions with bright light. They like rich, well-draining soil; keep the soil moist and never let it dry out.

Caladiums are natural companion plants for impatiens, begonias and ferns, and as such are an excellent choice for window boxes.

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Tulips, A plant that is simply beautiful
Bulbs are perhaps one of the most valuable and productive friends a flower gardener can have. Cared for properly, they seem to automatically provide life and color in a bleak landscape after a hard w


Zones 3
Flowering season(s) Spring
Sunlight Partial shade,Full sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Flower Color Yellow
Bloom Time Spring,Fall,Winter

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has devised a system to provide gardeners with a basic guide to plant hardiness – how much winter cold a plant can withstand. The Hardiness Zone Map system divides the United States and Canada into numbered zones based on lowest average winter temperature. Even within a zone, different micro-climates exist, such as large urban areas which may be warmer or land situated at different elevations.

How Hardy Are Chrysanthemums?: Zones 3

1 below -50 °F
2 -50 °F to -40 °F
3 -40 °F to -30 °F
4 -30 °F to -20 °F
5 -20 °F to -10 °F
6 -10 °F to 0 °F
7 0 °F to 10 °F
8 10 °F to 20 °F
9 20 °F to 30 °F
10 30 °F to 40 °F
11 above 40 °F