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Designed to bring the beauty and benefits of plants inside while making plant care simple and easy, our liveBox is a self-watering package that is both attractive and functional. 

Grow your own indoor plants with our complete package - no green thumb required! 


  • Premium display box

  • Water reservoir

  • Pot suspender

  • Easy care 3 - inch water wicks

  • Organic soil mixture with fertilizer spike 

  • Plastic bag for germination

  • Growers choice of seed (herb or flowering)


  • With our easy wick watering system, we have made caring for your herbs a breeze.

  • Just add 16 oz of water to the reservoir, and let the wicks do all the work. 

Sized for Urban Growing 

  • 14.25" long x 5" wide x 4.5" tall