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Plants Improve Lives. We've created LiveBlends that do just that.

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Plants Improve Lives.

Joy. Compassion. Healing.

We are passionate about giving back.

3% of every purchase goes back to those in need.


Giving Back

Plants make our lives better. At The Three Company we're making that statement a reality. We've created unique live herb blends that enhance your well-being and add a beautiful touch to your environment. In the U.S. poor air quality in our cities, stressful work environments, and sleep disorders run rampant. The Three Co's herb blends target these common ailments, and provide a natural, homeopathic alternative to traditional essential oils by providing you with live herbs in your home. We are committed to giving back to our communities, and donating a portion of our sales back to the organizations that make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and poor air quality that effects breathing. 

Our Founders on The Three Co.


Down To Sleep has literally changed my life. I can run my fingers through the herbs, and immediately feel a sense of calm. The notes lull me to sleep naturally, and homeopathically.

Karen C.

My first intro to The Three Co. was as an Influencer, and I'm proud to represent a company with such an amazing and transparent mission and products. The Zen Blend is my personal favorite - it lights up a room while also providing calming notes of lavender and chamomile that really permeate.

Davis and Main Style