About The Three Co.

The Three Company in a nutshell. 

Plant Power

I grew up in a greenhouse family, which means my whole life I have been surrounded by plants. Some people say too much of something is a bad thing, but not when it comes to plants, at least not for me. I’ve never been sick of them. As I got older, I realized that plants in their natural form were only used for two things, and that was to give you something to eat or to make an environment more attractive. Now there is nothing wrong with beautifying your environment (Healthy, Happy, Compassionate), but as I started to do more research, I realized that live plants have so much more to them. Their beauty is not just flower deep. They have greater powers (i.e Sleep Inducing, Anxiety Relieving, Air Purification). 

Common Problems

I love sleep. I mean the love I have for it is almost insane (ask my wife, she can attest to it based on the frequency of my naps). That being said, as much as I love sleep, I equally hate it when sleep alludes me.

I did a little research, and found out that 68% of Americans have had sleep struggles, which means at least 68% of you agree with me! That is a lot of people with the same problem. So that got me thinking, what other problems do the majority of Americans share? A quick google showed me that there are two other huge problems: anxiety/stress and breathing issues. That's a lot of people dealing with some big problems. I wanted to do something about it. The question was, what? I am no doctor, and my background is in agriculture. And then it dawned on me [insert lightbulb emoji].

The Three Company 

That's when the lightbulb went off, and The Three Company was born.

We are called Three Co. because as a company, we're truly all about trios. There are three founders, and we have three different LiveBlends targeting three common ailments in which three herbs are paired together. Three founders... Three problems... Three herbs per blend... Three products... Three. Three. Three. The Three Company!  


*Check back for our next post about how we decided to pair our LiveBlends together, and what research backs it. 

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