Improving Lives One Plant at a Time: What Three Co. Is Really All About

From curanderos to ancient civilizations, the practice of incorporating herbs and herbal therapies has been around for centuries. Before modern medicine could explain why, people understood the healing power of herbs, creating teas and medicines to assist a whole host of maladies. Although there is always a bit of a riff between holistic health practices and Western medicine, the two do have some things they share in common, one of which is the benefit of bringing herbs into our homes, and incorporating them into our daily lives.


According to new studies, herbs are so powerful because they are packed with something called “protective polyphenols.” These botanical antioxidant compounds are both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which means they are helpful in fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease. The data from these studies even show that protective polyphenols found in herbs can help fend off Alzheimer’s and diabetes, too.


And that’s where Three Co. comes in.


We don’t just believe in the power of herbs. We are helping people bring them into their homes and their lives so that they can understand firsthand the incredible benefits.


Each of our LiveBlends is designed to focus on a specific “health trip,” carefully curated with a blend of three herbs that will help you and your family:


  • Sleep better
  • Improve your home’s air quality for better breathing
  • Reduce stress for improved relaxation


Three Co. is on a mission, making it easy and accessible to get live herb blends into your life. And, in the process, we’re helping others, too, by donating 3% of every sale we make to charities and organizations that are dedicated to improving lives, like The National Sleep Foundation, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and The Asthma and Allergy Association of America.


The old adage, “We are what we eat,” really is more than just a saying. It’s 100% true. When you breathe living, fresh herbs, you give your body the tools it needs to do a whole host of things, which, according to professional herbalists, include easing digestion and boosting your immune system, purifying the air around you, and aiding in sleep.


In America, only one-third of the population uses herbs, and most of them don’t do it consistently. And while you can buy herbs at the store, most of us don’t. Or we don’t buy the right ones.


Three Co. is here to help, taking the worry out of wondering which herbs you need, and making it easy to keep them fresh in your home (even if you don’t have a green thumb!) To learn more about our mission and to join us in our herb revolution, check out our campaign on IndieGoGo!

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