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Alyssum, a plant that is simply beautiful


Zones 5-9
Flowering season(s) Spring,Fall
Sunlight Full Sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 12" Tall by 6" Wide in 2.5 Qt Pot
Flower Color Yellow
Bloom Time Zone Specific (Check your zone)

How to plant & care for Alyssum

Alyssum prefers to have its soil dry out completely in between waterings. Watering once a week should do the trick for this beautiful plant!
Alyssum will give the most delicate beautiful blooms when placed in a spot that is mostly sunny, but it can tolerate some shade as well.
Prune and deadhead your flowers to keep them looking nice and encourage new growth.
Alyssum are not usually propogated unless grown from seed.
If grown in the ground, fertilizer is not necessary. If planted in containers, use a water-soluble fertilizer once a month.

Diseases often seen on Alyssum

Alyssum are suseptible to stem and crown rot, as well as downy mildew. Make sure your soil drains well!