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Amaryllis, a plant that is simply beautiful

These waxed amaryllis bulbs are specially selected and have enough energy to grow and bloom without water. The bulbs are covered with a wax layer, which gives the bulb a modern and fashionable look, while keeping all of the necessary nutrients inside.


Zones 5+
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How to plant & care for Amaryllis

No watering necessary!
Waxed amaryllis bulbs are easy to care for! Place them flat in a well-lit room and avoid direct sunlight. To ensure your amaryllis grows straight, rotate it every few days.
When the flowers are wilting and becoming dry you should cut the stem at the base. There is a chance that more flower stems will grow. Wait for 3-4 weeks if stems are growing. If no extra stems appear, the amaryllis has finished flowering.
After the flowering period you can remove the wax layer and plant the amaryllis bulb into soil. Be aware that it might take a couple of months until the plant starts growing again.

Diseases often seen on Amaryllis

Root rot and fungus can affect bulbs if they are kept too wet.