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Eucalyptus, a plant that is simply beautiful

This spectacular plant - which originates from Australia, has azure blue leaves that it reta ins in the winter. Fast-growing eucalyptus trees are planted for the wood industry in tropi­ cal and subt


Zones 8-11
Flowering season(s) Year Round
Sunlight Full sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 10" Tall by 3" Wide
Flower Color Green
Bloom Time Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter

How to plant & care for Eucalyptus

Water wisely. Most herbs grow best in well-drained soil and develop their most intense flavor if kept on the dry side.
Put the eucalyptus in a sheltered and sunny spot, such as in a greenhouse. Or place outdoors on your porch or patio when the threat of frost is gone.
Prune and dean up dead stems of last year's growth. In spring, prune them back by one-third or to within 4 inches of the ground allowing new growth to begin. This encourages a bushy, more compact for
Herbs that receive high levels of nutrients - particularly nitrogen - produce inferior growth with little flavor or fragrance. For that reason, avoid overfertilizing your herbs.

Diseases often seen on Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus can contract root rot fairly easily if overwatered.