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Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants, a plant that is simply beautiful

From serene white to candy pink, bright orange and vivid purple: Gerbera is a party in a pot that makes your whole home feel better.


Zones 8-10
Flowering season(s) Summer
Sunlight Full sun,Partial shade
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 15" Tall by 8" Wide
Flower Color Red
Bloom Time Summer
Flowering Plants

How to plant & care for Flowering Plants

Gerbera daisies need regular watering, around 1 inch per week. Water only when the soil has dried an inch or two below the surface.
Gerbera daisies thrive best under full sun but do not like intense heat, try to plant your gerbera daisies somewhere that boasts afternoon shade.
Like many flowers that are repeat bloomers, gerbera daisies benefit significantly from pruning and deadheading. Care should be taken to maintain the plant regularly throughout the growing season, whi
If looking to grow gerbera daisies from seed, you can start seeds indoors approximately 12 to 18 weeks before the last frost date in your region. It's a good idea to sow seeds in peat or paper pot
The amount of fertilizer your gerbera daisies need depends on the quality of your soil. To keep the flowers blooming all summer long, a monthly feeding with a water-soluble fertilizer is recommended.

Diseases often seen on Flowering Plants

Aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and thrips all feast on gerbera daisy leaves.