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Gerbera, a plant that is simply beautiful


Zones 3-8
Flowering season(s) Spring
Sunlight Full Sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 12" Tall by 5" Wide in 1 Qt Pot
Flower Color Red,White
Bloom Time

How to plant & care for Gerbera

When the top soil feels dry, water your Gerbera Daisy deeply. Water at the base, keeping the leaves dry and let the pot drain completely.
Gerbera Daisies will be able to show off their beautiful flowers the most when placed in a location that gets a lot of sunshine and a little bit of shade each day.
Deadhead regularly for the best results.
Remove a small portion of your existing Gerbera Daisy plant and separate the root system. Place individual root systems into new pots with nutrient dense soil.
Use a low-phosphorous fertilizer about once a month during growing season.

Diseases often seen on Gerbera

Botrytis blight, leaf spots, blight, root rot.