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Green Plants

Green Plants, a plant that is simply beautiful


Zones N/A
Flowering season(s) Not applicable
Sunlight Full sun,Partial shade
Soil type Well draining soil
Flower Color
Bloom Time Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter
Green Plants

How to plant & care for Green Plants

Water the Pet Grass once a day or once every two days if the sky is overcast.
Pet Grass prefers a full sun location, six or more hours would be the most sufficient.
When pruning the Pet Grass, use a santiized pair of scissors to trim the grass back to promote new growth. Trim back by only 1/3 of the plants height
Fertilize with a generic organic fertilizer once a week.

Diseases often seen on Green Plants

If overwatered your pet grass can get root rot and mildew. When kept outside, slugs and snails love to hide in the thick foliage.