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Peony, a plant that is simply beautiful


Zones 3-8
Flowering season(s) Spring
Sunlight Full Sun,Partial Shade
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 20" Tall by 8" Wide in 3 Quart Pot
Flower Color Pink
Bloom Time Spring

How to plant & care for Peony

Water young peonies about once a week but once they are established, give them a thorough watering once every two weeks. Watering like this will encourage the most beautiful blooms!
You will get the most delicate beautiful Peony blooms when you place your plant in a spot that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.
Cut back to the ground in the fall if it's starting to yellow.
Uproot, divide the clump and then replant.
Apply compost annually.

Diseases often seen on Peony

Give peonies enough space when planting to ensure they don't get gray mold. Keep an eye out for ants, which love peonies.