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Vegetables, a plant that is simply beautiful

Growing your own vegetables can be both fun and rewarding, even if you have a lack of space. The concept of container gardening is the best choice for that!


Zones 10-12
Flowering season(s) Year Round
Sunlight Full sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 6" Tall by 3" Wide
Flower Color Red
Bloom Time Spring,Summer

How to plant & care for Vegetables

Water regularly. You'll need to check your plants daily and give them water if needed.
Choose a sunny location. This could be a back yard, front porch, terrace, a balcony, or even a sunny window.
The best time to start pruning your tomato plans is 2-3 weeks after you plant your tomato plant in the ground.
Pay close attention to the needs of your plant and add fertilizer as frequently as needed to keep your plants healthy and wellfed.

Diseases often seen on Vegetables