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Breathe Blend

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 🌿 #CatchYourBreath 🌿


 Easy Care Watering 


Self-watering planter designed to prevent over or under watering.

Eucalyptus, Mint, and Rosemary create a breathe of fresh air for this trio.

Attractive & Functional Planter

No Mess

 Measuring in at 14.25 x 5 x 4.5 our liveBox is the perfect chic, compact, and affordable self-watering planter designed with you in mind.

Just add sunlight and water. No pumps, no cords. 




Take a deep breath of fresh, cool air knowing this blend will work hard to purify the air around you. The quality of air you breathe directly affects your quality of life. The combination of shortness of breath and air pollution contribute to many health issues, so it's a given that this is the perfect air cleansing liveBlend for your home. Uplifting, invigorating mint, and the sweet, herbaceous rosemary paired with our favorite purifying herb: the strong, woodsy eucalyptus complete this blend making it the perfect natural air-purifier.