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Live Spring Dusty Miller (4 pack) 6″ tall by 4″ wide, 1 Pint Pot

Live Spring Dusty Miller (4 pack) 6″ tall by 4″ wide, 1 Pint Pot



  • 2024-12-23 - 2024-12-29

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The silvery leaves of silver dust look stunning when paired with cool purple and blue flowers, but also pair well with hot red and orange flowers. Even white flowers benefit from the glow of silver dust in moon gardens.

Although silver dust is an old-fashioned plant that has been around garden centers for decades, the drought tolerance and pest-free nature of this plant make it worth revisiting for busy gardeners who want to add dazzle without fuss to their landscapes.

Once mature, dusty miller can get up to 2 feet tall and wide.

Dusty miller likes full sun locations, isn't picky about soil type but needs well-draining soil, and should only need to be watered once a week once established

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Annual, A plant that is simply beautiful


Zones 8-11
Flowering season(s) Summer
Sunlight Partial shade
Soil type Well draining soil
Flower Color Silver
Bloom Time
How to plant & care for Annuals

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has devised a system to provide gardeners with a basic guide to plant hardiness – how much winter cold a plant can withstand. The Hardiness Zone Map system divides the United States and Canada into numbered zones based on lowest average winter temperature. Even within a zone, different micro-climates exist, such as large urban areas which may be warmer or land situated at different elevations.

How Hardy Are These Plants?: Zones 8-11

1 below -50 °F
2 -50 °F to -40 °F
3 -40 °F to -30 °F
4 -30 °F to -20 °F
5 -20 °F to -10 °F
6 -10 °F to 0 °F
7 0 °F to 10 °F
8 10 °F to 20 °F
9 20 °F to 30 °F
10 30 °F to 40 °F
11 above 40 °F