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Live Sunpatiens – Red – Beautiful Healthy Flowers – 12″ Tall by 5″ Wide in 2.5 Qt Pot

Live Sunpatiens – Red – Beautiful Healthy Flowers – 12″ Tall by 5″ Wide in 2.5 Qt Pot


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These vibrant sunpatiens will make the perfect addition to your garden!

Sunpatiens grow to be about 36 inches tall with a spread of about 36 inches.

Plant sunpatiens in a spot will full sun. Water daily for a couple weeks after planting and then only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Make sure to plant in well-draining soil!

Sunpatiens are a hybrid form of New Guinea impatiens!

Our plants are grown exclusively for Deep Roots and The Three Company, shipped fresh directly from our greenhouse to you!

, A plant that is simply beautiful


Zones 10-12
Flowering season(s) Spring,Summer,Fall
Sunlight Full Sun
Soil type Well draining soil
Height/Spread 12" Tall by 5" Wide in 2.5 Qt Pot
Flower Color Red
Bloom Time
How to plant & care for Annual Plants

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has devised a system to provide gardeners with a basic guide to plant hardiness – how much winter cold a plant can withstand. The Hardiness Zone Map system divides the United States and Canada into numbered zones based on lowest average winter temperature. Even within a zone, different micro-climates exist, such as large urban areas which may be warmer or land situated at different elevations.

How Hardy Are These Plants?: Zones 10-12

1 below -50 °F
2 -50 °F to -40 °F
3 -40 °F to -30 °F
4 -30 °F to -20 °F
5 -20 °F to -10 °F
6 -10 °F to 0 °F
7 0 °F to 10 °F
8 10 °F to 20 °F
9 20 °F to 30 °F
10 30 °F to 40 °F
11 above 40 °F